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I’m getting ready have a moment of transparency and clarity and share one of my biggest secrets with you and hopefully, it will help you…

I’ve never liked asking for help. Even when I was a little boy, I absolutely despised asking people for help. Somehow, someway, it made me feel weak and needy. Those are two things that I never wanted anybody to ever attach to me. So fast forward through my adolescent years, past my teenage years, beyond my 20’s, and now into my 30’s, I still struggle to muster up the courage to ask for help. I mean, I could be in a serious situation and still rely solely on my own spiritual and intellectual resources to come through it. Now, in many cases, like a major league slugger, I’ll come up with the goods to get the job done in the clutch. However, in the other instances, I strike out more than the average person does. In essence, when I win, I win BIG, but, I lose more than average man does too.

So some people would call it pride, but as I’ve delved deeper into my own psyche, I’ve discovered it to be fear. The fear that somehow, someway, I’m just not adequate enough or even worthy of the things that I value most (i.e. love, family, career success, etc.). This belief and ideology has affected everything you could possibly imagine in my life. It has caused me to willingly to go above and beyond the call of duty in relationships, organizations, and friendships just to “prove” my worth, many times at my own expense and detriment.

In my healing process, I’ve been learning that as I learned how to love myself more for who God says I AM, my need to prove myself has been dissolving. Instead, what’s beginning to take place is that love always permeate from me. I’m finally at a place where I understand how to ask for help when I need it. Believe it or not, I’ve even learned how to say “NO” when no is the correct answer!

As I share this with you, I want you understand that you may be having an internal battle right now that is limiting the degree of success that you could and should be experiencing, but understand that somebody understands your plight and asking for help doesn’t make you weak! Don’t be ashamed to acknowledge it and get the help you need to overcome your challenge. It’s your time to come up!!!

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