It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

Tony Robbins

The world as we know it is no longer ‘normal.’ We are facing a crisis level globally that ranks near the times of the Spanish Flu Pandemic Era from 1918 – 1920 and the Great Depression Era from 1929 – 1933. My grandfather lived during that period and some of the stories he shared with me were downright gruesome. I send out my love and prayers to everyone affected by the coronavirus disease.

I am aware that times may appear grim presently. I encourage you as you read this to remember my motto and my mantra, “Don’t Ever Give Up, Don’t Quit on YOUR DREAMS!” I say that boldly because my mom would often reassure me that, “Tough times don’t last always, baby!” In essence, this tough time won’t last. There will be light after this storm and there will be sunshine after this rain! It is utterly vital that we all position and train ourselves for life after this viral outbreak. What is really powerful is that dreamers and visionaries are always tasked with the assignment to provide hope and light in dark times. That’s right, you and I are needed this very moment to bring our unique and specific gifts to life.

When I say life, I am not just talking life as usual, but life more abundantly. I am talking living your life all-out, foot to the floor, pedal to the medal, full-throttle, GPS locked in the direction of your dreams. We need all dreamers and visionaries to rise up RIGHT NOW and you can consider this your official call to arms! YOUR DREAMS will make your life beautiful for you and your family. Here is what’s even more beautiful, your dreams also contain solutions that will improve life for others.

That is why I have coined the phrase, “The Life of YOUR DREAMS is WONDERFUL and YOU DESERVE IT!”™ That’s right, indeed! You deserve to be a blessing to your family. You deserve to provide solutions that make life amazing for your fellow man. You deserve to live a lifestyle that you love living and inspires others to do the same. “The Life of YOUR DREAMS is WONDERFUL and YOU DESERVE IT!”

That word ‘deserve’ comes from an Old French word, deservir, which means to serve devotedly. It means that the life of YOUR DREAMS, which is indeed WONDERFUL, and YOU DO DESERVE is designed to serve you devotedly, faithfully even. For this reason, I have partnered with the great folks at the Tony Robbins Group and their top-tier Peak Performance National Trainer, Kyle Salter. We have worked together to provide you with a training, coaching, and empowerment experience that will have you on fire to take “massive, decisive, determined action,” as Tony would say, towards the life that YOU DESERVE!

On Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 8 PM, join us for a powerful and inspirational webinar that will blow your mind! Don’t just take my word for it, PRESS PLAY and listen to Tony’s take on it:

As a token of appreciation, you will receive a complimentary copy of the compelling training, Tony Robbins Peak Performance 2.0 Audio program, for registering for the webinar! You don’t want to miss this event! I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 8 PM for The Tony Robbins Peak Performance Workshop!!

Remember, “The Life of YOUR DREAMS is WONDERFUL and YOU DESERVE IT!”™