Visionary’s Bootcamp

I have a passion to empower dreamers, visionaries, and go-getters to manifest and live the life of their dreams!! Join me on February 23, 2019, at 1:00 pm at the Northwest Activities Center in Detroit for a life-changing and dynamic event!

Topics of Discussion include:
* Writing Your Personal Mission and Vision Statements
* The Force of CFA (Consistent Focused Action)
* The Art of Being a Master Manifestor
* The Power of Conquering Fear
* Beyond the Critics and their Criticisms
* The Art of Creating
* and many more items to be discussed



#MylesSpeaks – The 4th Quarter Comeback Show

After an extensive break, I decided to reboot my 4th Quarter Comeback Series. The show airs LIVE every Monday night during the remainder of 2018 at 11 PM ET on BlogTalkRadio.

Today, we find ourselves in a very critical time where our society’s future hangs in the balance. Individually, our next thoughts and moves must be calculated precisely because the governments of the world are in very unstable predicaments. I am very excited to do this show because I enjoy encouraging and coaching people in such a clutch moments and we get to use this platform help each other remain hopeful and empowered.

No matter the weather, social climate, or storms of life that may arise, YOUR DREAMS still matter and they are very important. As I say often, “The Life of YOUR DREAMS is WONDERFUL and YOU DESERVE IT!” Stay locked in and tuned to Myles Miller Motivation for the tools to get you over the hump and keep you inspired to finish your assignment strong.

There are multiple ways to tune in to the show. I highly suggest you subscribe to the podcast currently via iTunes or Stitcher to get all of the show updates immediately as they become available.



From My Heart

Myles Miller Motivation - GO GET IT!!

myles silkyI accepted today that I’m not a traditional 9 to 5er, nor a house flipper, nor a great MLMer either… I’m not a dancer either so I don’t hustle and I am definitely not bad brakes so I don’t grind…

I am a professional and personal development and empowerment specialist who creates, writes, performs, and market premiere, top-tier, world-class motivation! I empower people to do their 9 to 5s and entrepreneurial efforts at a more optimal level by helping them identify what the life of their dreams looks like to them!

This is what I do best and I’m no longer willing to have a “back-up plan” in case this doesn’t work out. My Plan A is to succeed doing what I do best! So far, so good! Trust me, this lifestyle isn’t for the faint of heart and has cost me my life. Therefore I refuse to let my lifetime investment be in vein or a waste by being double-minded.

I have lost friends who couldn’t see my “vision” and thought that I was crazy because there’s nothing normal about the way I think or act. It’s no longer a point of contention for me, I love them, but not enough to try to be normal ever again!

In essence, I’m encouraging you all to keep your eyes on your specific prize and never let anything or anyone seduce you away from that which is truly yours! To flirt with the alternatives is to entertain the death of your dreams. However, I say this, “The Life of YOUR DREAMS is WONDERFUL and YOU DESERVE IT!™”

Love you much, now go get what’s yours!

Motivationally yours,


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