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Sometimes in life, in a blink of an eye, the timing and climate is just right for the perfect storm to decimate just about everything you’ve taken your entire life to build! I’ve endured and overcome four such events this lifetime…

There is a certain resolve necessary to get back up when you seemingly have nothing left to fight for… There’s a certain toughness that is only forged in adversity… There is a reason beyond what you can see with your natural eyes that you keep waking up when you wish that you could just stay in bed and not have to deal with the circumstances and situations that you’re facing…

I encourage you today that things DO get better! My mom would always tell me that, “Baby, tough times don’t last always!” I’m not saying that things will be easy, but I am saying you can and WILL overcome ALL! Maybe I’m talking to myself or thinking out loud, possibly… But right now, I know that someone besides me knows what it feels like to have to summon everything God has endowed you with just to answer the bell for the next round… The future is brighter than any dark days in the present and if you keep stepping forward, that light will dispel the darkness!

“Don’t Ever Give Up, Don’t Ever Quit On Your Dreams!” +Myles

Love you much!

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Myles W. Miller is an accomplished author of countless articles and short stories on success, motivation, empowerment, and writing. He conducts dynamic seminars and workshops and is available for speaking engagements and telephone coaching sessions. He can be contacted via e-mail at

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Myles Miller Motivation - GO GET IT!!

myles silkyI accepted today that I’m not a traditional 9 to 5er, nor a house flipper, nor a great MLMer either… I’m not a dancer either so I don’t hustle and I am definitely not bad brakes so I don’t grind…

I am a professional and personal development and empowerment specialist who creates, writes, performs, and market premiere, top-tier, world-class motivation! I empower people to do their 9 to 5s and entrepreneurial efforts at a more optimal level by helping them identify what the life of their dreams looks like to them!

This is what I do best and I’m no longer willing to have a “back-up plan” in case this doesn’t work out. My Plan A is to succeed doing what I do best! So far, so good! Trust me, this lifestyle isn’t for the faint of heart and has cost me my life. Therefore I refuse to let my lifetime investment be in vein or a waste by being double-minded.

I have lost friends who couldn’t see my “vision” and thought that I was crazy because there’s nothing normal about the way I think or act. It’s no longer a point of contention for me, I love them, but not enough to try to be normal ever again!

In essence, I’m encouraging you all to keep your eyes on your specific prize and never let anything or anyone seduce you away from that which is truly yours! To flirt with the alternatives is to entertain the death of your dreams. However, I say this, “The Life of YOUR DREAMS is WONDERFUL and YOU DESERVE IT!™”

Love you much, now go get what’s yours!

Motivationally yours,


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Myles W. Miller is an accomplished author of countless articles and short stories on success, motivation, empowerment, and writing. He conducts dynamic seminars and workshops and is available for speaking engagements and telephone coaching sessions. He can be contacted via e-mail at

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Detroit Native, Myles W. Miller, Gears Up to Release Season Two of His Hit Self-Titled Talk-Show on the Impact Radio Network

Myles Miller Motivation - GO GET IT!!


Detroit Native, Myles W. Miller, Gears Up to Release Season Two of His Hit Self-Titled Talk-Show on the Impact Radio Network

DETROIT, MI – Riding the wave of the successful launch of his self-titled debut show on the Impact Radio Network, Detroit-based motivational speaker, life coach, and media personality, Myles W. Miller eagerly awaits the launch of his second season on the popular internet-based network beginning Wednesday, January 8, 2014The Myles W. Miller Show is a high-powered motivational/coaching talk show based off Miller’s nearly two decades of personal development research and his popular “Championship Living” coaching platform. He boldly proclaims on air that “The Life of YOUR DREAMS is WONDERFUL and YOU DESERVE IT,” which has endeared Miller to listeners.  As a result, the 60 minute show, which airs LIVE every Wednesday night at 6 PM ET and is rebroadcast at 10 PM ET, has quickly become one of the top rated shows on the network.

When asked about this feat, Miller humbly responded, “I cannot take the credit for the success that we have been experiencing.” He went on to say, “When you have great people working together towards the singular goal of generating a high quality product of excellence, the result is usually something that draws the attention of those within an ear shot. I passionately enjoy motivating and encouraging others to live the life of their dreams, but my staff deserves the real credit for making it easy for me to flow in my gift and the listeners can definitely hear it!

During its inaugural season, The Myles W. Miller Show welcomed a very exclusive assembly of dynamic guests who are outstanding leaders in their particular fields of expertise.  A short list of guests, which reads more like a “Who’s Who” directory, includes powerhouses such as Award-Winning Journalist, Kimberly Hayes-Taylor; CNN Financial Analyst, Clyde Anderson; TEDx Presenter, Angela Schafers; Philanthropist and Wealth Strategist, Gail Perry-Mason; Personal Life Coach to NFL Star QB, Tom Brady, Greg Harden; Reality TV Star from TLC’s Extreme Couponing, Pam Davis; Publishing and Media Dynamo, Angela T. Jones;  Wealth Consciousness Expert, Aisha Taylor; Award-Winning Journalist and Millionaire Maker, Monique Caradine; and Best-Selling Authors, Monica Marie Jones, Michael McFadden, and Eddie Connor.  When asked about the caliber of guests, Miller replied, “It is my true passion to honor the time of the listening audience by presenting them with real-life champions who not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk! In doing so, we research our guests thoroughly before we present them on the show to ensure that valuable life-changing information will be made available.

Miller speaks very favorably of the Impact Radio Network and its president and founders, Bishop Wayne T. and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson.  “Each episode, I make it a point to acknowledge Bishop and Dr. Jackson on air for providing such an amazing vehicle to be able to transport life-changing ideas by way of their vision and heart to impact the lives of countless people across the world. Through the Impact Radio Network and Impact TV Network, people are receiving a ray of hope and a life line in a global society that often times relies on cynicism, satire, bullying, and fear to snuff out the dreams and visions of dreamers and visionaries.  I am thankful and honored to be the executive producer of a show on such a network that has to live up to the standard of excellence and the vision of faith set by Bishop and Dr. Jackson.

To tune in to The Myles W. Miller Show every Wednesday night, go online to or download The Impact Radio Network Mobile App for free to your smartphone to stream it.

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Facing Your Fears Head On


Facing Your Fears Head On: Conquering Fear With Action

By: Myles W. Miller

Fear is a question: What are you afraid of, and why? Just as the seed of health is in illness, because illness contains information, your fears are a treasure house of self-knowledge if you explore them.
– Marilyn Ferguson

This was a great week for me. I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now; speak in a university setting. Not since I left the University of Michigan have I had the courage to step foot on a college campus to speak. I will admit that I was very scared. You see, I have some unfinished business with my academic career (just a mere two semesters away from my Bachelor’s) and I often wondered who’d take advice from me in such an environment.

The truth of the matter, I was tired of school at that time. I was tired of trying to impress other people, whose opinions of me would determine whether or not I’d make it in life. Well, so I thought at least. Now, I’m in a brilliant position, I get to go back to college and encourage people at that critical point: the point just before the breakthrough. I can tell students that it is okay to do what it is that you truly love. In fact, doing what you love will bring you long term happiness in such a way, that it is worth EVERY sacrifice that you WILL have to make for it.

I am a praying man and I strongly believe that God speaks to me. In that still, small voice through which He gives us guidance, He let me know ten years ago that He wanted me to be a motivational speaker. That was during my sophomore year at the University of Michigan. He even gave me a mentor and role model in Mr. Gregory Harden, who now serves as an Associate Athletic Director at the University. Mr. Harden personally counseled and coached the likes of Tom Brady and Desmond Howard, whom both of which he still mentors today.

He also had his private practice as a speaker, and he is a great one might I also add. I helped him sometimes with his events and he tutored me along the way. However, one thing was always prevalent: I was scared out of my mind to fully launch out. As a direct result of Mr. Harden’s guidance, my leadership skills began to flourish. I became the president of many different student organizations on campus, but I still didn’t step out like I know that I could. I could remember clear as day hearing the voices of people telling me that I was stupid for thinking that I could be successful as a speaker. I had begun to let dream killers eat away at my promise. It became so intense, that I really started losing my courage and confidence as a student.

Alot of my biggest critics were friends and family. Let me go on to tell you that it is the job of those who claim to love you to try to protect you at all cost. Sometimes, they don’t realize that the very thing that they seek to protect (you), they can destroy. Don’t hold it against them, love them anyway and let God be your strength.

So this goes back to everything that I started. It is your right, it is your right, it is your God-given right to be the person of your dreams. Doubt from doubters can breed fear. However, I encourage you to face fears head on! When you challenge your fears by passionately pursuing your very raison d’etre, you make use of your Infinite provision from Source. When a person has decided to move full steam ahead with their Divine calling, you get Divine weapons to rip the heads off of your fears. All sorts of resources and assistance become available to you. Grants, benefactors, helpers, you name it and will begin to manifest for you.

Walking on that beautiful campus took me way back to the beginning of the dream. I could see the vision of a younger me, wondering if this vision were possible. When I came back around, I now realized that dreams can come true. As I walked in the room where I would deliver the speech, I became extremely nervous, so I walked out. I took a minute to recollect my thoughts and composure and proceed back into that room. I prayed that God would give me boldness, courage, power, and clarity as I spoke. When I did finally get up to speak, I was calm and confident that I would deliver. I told my audience that their time had come and that their time was NOW to be dominant student and leaders. To my utter amazement, they were receptive to what I had to say. I had a photographer come in and took pictures of the event. Even in the still pictures, you can see a captivated audience being taught by a man who had squarely faced his fears head on and WON!

Don’t ever give up, don’t ever quit on your dreams! The world needs you to be all that you can be and all that you were meant to be. Face your fears head on with great decisiveness, tenacity, and passion. Like Mr. Les Brown told me, “you’ll win if you don’t quit!” Your time has come, your time is NOW! Face your fears head on! May God bless you and may success embrace you!

© 2007 Myles W. Miller for Lion Heart Enterprises

Myles W. Miller is an accomplished author of countless articles and short stories on success, motivation, empowerment, and writing. He conducts dynamic seminars and workshops and is available for speaking engagements and telephone coaching sessions. He can be contacted via e-mail at

Confessions of a BlackBerry MemoPad

Confessions of a BlackBerry MemoPad

***The content in these particular posts are notes that I compile on my BlackBerry MemoPad while I just sit and reflect on life.  They are intended to be nuggets of inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and wisdom. ***





Apply the lifetime of knowledge that you’ve gained in wise service to your fellow man! The greatest among you shall be your servant!”  +Myles