Myles Miller Motivation - GO GET IT!!

Myles - B and WHello my dear friend, it’s your Favorite Motivator, Myles W. Miller here! I have come to you today with some absolutely great news! Did you know that the life of your dreams is wonderful? How about this… It’s not only wonderful, you DESERVE it!!! That’s right… THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS IS WONDERFUL AND YOU DESERVE IT!!!

I am here today to invite you out to an absolutely powerful event… I am passionately determined to prosper you on EVERY level of life like never before in 2014!!

The issue that many good people are facing is that they just don’t know how to put all of the pieces together to experience that “wonderful” life. I know that it can be very frustrating. It appears as if everything that you want is right at your finger tips, but you just can’t seem to reel it in. In many cases, it’s as if you are glazing up at your desires. You want to pursue them, but there is this “glass ceiling” that keeps getting in your way. For some, the map of their destiny is out-dated and there are no sound directions in sight.

Don’t despair, don’t lose hope! Listen to me very carefully: THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS IS WONDERFUL AND YOU DESERVE IT!!! My friend, an answer has come to solve your frustration, disappointment, and heartache! I’m coming to explode your concerns with MOTIVATIONAL TNT!!! This Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 6:30 PM, The Prosper Center in Detroit, MI is the place to be!

The theme of this PHENOMENAL event is: “POWERFUL POSITIONING FOR PROSPERITY IN 2014 AND BEYOND!!!” I have teamed up with a DYNAMIC collection of great minds to help you create the life of your dreams. In addition to myself, you will be edified and empowered by presentations from:

Aisha TaylorWealth Consciousness Coach and Founder of FNPhenomenal

Keely ShareahAccomplished Actress and Model and President of Dilating Productions, LLC

James LoganStrategic Career Advancement Coach and Founder of Hire Level Coaching

Together, we are going to show you how to have The Courage To Prosper For 2014 and Beyond!!!

Join us for a night of networking, coaching, and FUN!!! THIS EVENT IS FREE, but Seating is LIMITED… YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER!!

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